Thursday, December 12, 2013

DJIA trade complete!!! 2 day - 340 tick profit potential.

Here is the final result:

So from my prediction in the first post of this series on Tuesday, two posts ago, the DJIA has followed my un-altered red arrow right down to the target price zone right in the target price time horizon.  I wish I could have taken more advantage of it but I had to put my Assistant Directors hat on today for a commercial shoot.  I caught a nice chunk today but left my orders to cover much higher than I would have if I was able to be immersed in my screens all day.  Anyway, let me cut to the chase, this has been a demonstration of the power of Elliott Wave if one has the patience and diligence to study it to the point that it becomes almost second nature.  I made this my first series of posts because I knew the move was going to be large, fast and precise and it didn't let me down.  Now, these large moves don't happen very often but since the nature of Elliott Wave is fractal smaller moves of this nature happen several times a week in the instruments that I trade.  If you haven't taken a long look at Elliott Wave yet I suggest you do because it is by far the most powerful weapon one can wield in the trading arena.

-- HollywoodTrader

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